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San Francisco Paragliding and Los Angeles Paragliding School

We are California's premier paragliding school and training facility specializing in personalized paragliding lessons, local guiding, and paragliding tandem flights. Our training staff includes some of the most qualified and experienced instructors in the country. If you're new to the sport, we offer a comprehensive paragliding lesson program that will lead you at a comfortable pace from your first low flights all the way to your rating as a USHPA certified pilot. If you're already an experienced paragliding pilot looking to lock into a local network, fly new sites, or advance your skills, we'll set you up with what you need.

Ready to fly? Follow the links to the pages that are right for you and let's take off.

                      Contact Us: Los Angeles  (818) 835-2204

                                      San Francisco ......    (We'll be flying Europe from July 6th to August 28th, please contact Mcminn Paragliding at: (707) You-Soar, (707-968-7627) for San Francisco tandem flights)


Oxygen on NBC's "The Biggest Loser"

Oxygen Paragliding featured on NBC's "The Biggest Loser".  Oxygen instructors Jonathan and Klaus give Ken and his kids tandem rides as the sun sets over LA.  Call us to book a flight.

USHPA Instruction with Oxygen Paragliding
At Oxygen Paragliding we take safety and guidelines seriously. That's why all instructors at Oxygen paragliding school are certified by the United States Hang gliding and Paragliding Association, ensuring the highest training standards. Combine this training with years of international flight experience and a personable approach, and you've got classes that are fun, supportive, and jam packed with the best know-how in the industry.
Oxygen Paragliding Tandem Flights
Imagine soaring through the sky with nothing but the sound of wind in your ears. Below your dangling feet the whole world stretches out vast, peaceful, and waiting to be discovered. This is the experience of an Oxygen paragliding tandem flight. You'll enjoy all the exhilaration of free flight with the confidence of a professional tandem instructor along for the ride.
Want to give an unforgettable gift to yourself or to that special person in your life? Give them a day with wings. Contact us to book a tandem flight or purchase a paragliding tandem flight gift card.
International Pilot Training Programs
Our international pilot paragliding training programs are designed to pack big adventure into tight schedules. We work hand in hand with the most famous paragliding schools and pilots around the world to ensure you'll get to the best sites and have the right contacts. Contact us to arrange a vacation specialized for you, or check out our upcoming paragliding tours to our favorite destinations.
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