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Imagine soaring through the sky with nothing but the sound of wind in your ears. Below your dangling feet the whole world stretches out vast, peaceful, and waiting to be discovered. This is the experience of an Oxygen paragliding tandem flight. You'll enjoy all the exhilaration of free flight with the confidence of a professional tandem instructor along for the ride.
Want to give an unforgettable gift to yourself or to that special person in your life? Give him or her a day with wings. Contact us to book a tandem flight or purchase a paragliding tandem flight gift card.
Take flight with one of our seasoned tandem instructors and get a feel for the full paragliding experience. It's a thrill for anyone and a useful training experience for those already enrolled in a paragliding training course.
There is no better way to view the beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area than by air. Whether you soar over the high mountain ridges of Mission Peak, or along the coastal ridges on the Pacific Ocean, you'll have the experience of a lifetime and a unique memory of your time in San Francisco. If you live here, you'll gain a new appreciation of your home by seeing and experiencing the area from a very unique and thrilling perspective. 
An Oxygen paragliding tandem flight lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes and can even be incorporated into your hiking adventure up the mountain. Simply contact Oxygen to arrange a day and, dependent on weather conditions and wind direction, we will arrange a time and place to meet you. At the take off rendezvous point, you will be given a short briefing, clipped into your tandem harness, and in a few shorts steps you'll find yourself airborne. Simply sit back and enjoy the views as you soar over the coastal ridges or mountaintops. Upon completion of your tandem flight, our instructors will either touch down in the area you launched, or in the fields below. It's that easy. 
Our tandem instructors are widely known as some of the top pilots in the industry, ensuring you a safe, informative, and fun flight. Come see the San Francisco Bay Area from a uniquely different perspective and have an experience you'll never forget.
Please note: Paragliding is solely dependent upon weather. High wind greater than 15mph, and wet and rainy weather are not flyable.


Foot launching a paraglider requires that you as a passenger must be able to run a minimum of 30+ feet. If you have heart condition or some other physical limitations such as back problems then this sport might not be advisable.


All passengers will be asked to wear ankle supportive shoes and full-length pants. In the spring and fall we strongly suggest bringing along an additional wind shell or insulated jacket. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended. Feel free to bring a camera along for your tandem flight.  You'll have plenty of time to take some amazing shots!

Enrollment Policy

Tandem, and lessons must be paid in advance (check, M/C, PayPal or Visa).
All lesson and tandem sales are final, no cash refunds.
Tandem and lesson packages must be used within one year of purchase date.
Lessons and tandem flights are by reservation only.
Payment, or deposit must be received to confirm a reservation.
Lessons may be cancelled with no penalty with 24 or more  hours' notice.
All students will be required to sign a release of liability prior to taking a course or flying tandem.
There will be no charge for lessons cancelled due to inclement weather.
Partial lessons due to wind or weather will be prorated accordingly.
Participants must be in reasonable physical condition.
Maximum tandem student weight is 240 lbs.
Absolutely no smoking or dogs allowed on the training hill. 

Call us at (415) 456-3670 to book your flight